World’s first Hot Dog on a Stick awaits its fate in Santa Monica – Daily News

Fast food history has been made in many places in Southern California, and a few of them still exist in something like their original form.

One of those places is the original beachfront stand of Hot Dog on a Stick, which opened in 1946. It has one walk-up window and no seating.

“It basically looks the same as it did at the time of our founding,” Kathleen Shaffer, communications director for the chain, wrote in an email.

It stands near Santa Monica Pier, at least for now.

The 440-square-foot structure has been slated for demolition for years, and this might be the month it happens, according to Shaffer.

The plan is to replace the existing stand with a 660-square-foot structure that looks about the same but would be made with more contemporary materials.

Hot Dog on a Stick was founded by a Missouri native named Dave Barham on a strip of sand on what was then Muscle Beach, a hangout for weight-lifters and gymnasts. They later moved on to Venice.

Back then, corn dogs were a novelty served at state fairs. According to some sources, Barham introduced them to the Los Angeles County Fair.

Despite its outdoor origins, in the 1980s Hot Dog on a Stick became known for its sites in mall food courts.

Perhaps more than its corn dogs, the brand became known for its red, yellow and blue uniforms with tall striped caps and the sight of staff members making “hand-stomped lemonade.” They crush the lemons with sugar and ice in large tubs.

The uniforms started shortly after the founding, but nobody knows when, according to Shaffer.

When rebuilt, the stand would have a lemonade-only line and modern equipment for faster service, she wrote.

The project first went to Santa Monica city planners in 2012. The architecture Review Board approved the project twice, in 2012 and 2015, but both times the chain let the approvals expire without taking action.

Current plans are still under review, and permits have yet to be issued for demolition, according to Constance Farrell, Santa Monica’s public information officer.

Original Hot Dog on a Stick

Where: 1633 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica

Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

Information: 310-395-4673,