Cruel World festival sells out in less than an hour – Daily News

It took less than an hour for tickets to Cruel World, a new festival with a lineup equivalent of taking a time machine back to 1982, to sell out, and fans of ’80s new wave music were either celebrating that they got tickets or feeling bad they missed their shot.

The festival, which will come to Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson on Saturday, May 2, will feature some very popular ’80s new wave artists, including Bahaus, Blondie, Morrissey, Devo, Echo and the Bunnymen, Violent Femmes and more.

Shortly after tickets went on sale Feb. 14, people took to Twitter with excited messages about getting tickets.

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I got my ticket to Cruel World!!! That was the most stressful 12 minutes of my life waiting in line on the website

— MariaTortilla (@_shitmariasays) February 14, 2020

got my cruel world ticket

— jenacious d (@newwavebabe_) February 14, 2020

Very excited just got tickets @cruelworldfest Check out this playlist! Cruel World …

— Delana Bennett (@DelanaTweets) February 14, 2020

And then there was the crowd that wasn’t so lucky (one Twitter user was very not pleased with her dad).

So my dad got cruel world festival tickets and didn’t even buy me one. MY ONLY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO SEE MORRISSEY AND MY FATHER HAD THE AUDACITY TO NOT BUY ME A TICKET. HOW RUDE. This line up is unbeatable.

— gabrielle hulsing (@gabbyhulsing) February 14, 2020

Waited half an hour to try and buy tickets to that cruel world festival, got in, said there was a product available, and when I clicked it said sold out, good job guys ?

— Stefan (@Radical_Stefan) February 14, 2020

Lmao Cruel World is super sold out. There’s gotta be an error or something for tier 4. Like we’re in and tried to add tickets but it says SOLD OUT.

— Crybaby (@lilfwldflwrs) February 14, 2020

One person  suggested that since tickets sold out so quickly, festival promoter Goldenvoice might want to make Cruel into more of a three-day event a la the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

It’s funny that an amazing event like this selling out in less than an hour would be considered a screw up. Sounds more like a success to me. Hopefully a true success that will lead to a multi-date annual event, Cruel-achella

— Wil Gerken (@wilhemious) February 14, 2020

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