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With the hashtag #WeAreUnited, a group of players from the Pac-12 football conference listed their demands in a letter published in the The Players’ Tribune explaining they will skip fall camp and games if their demands are not met, which call for safety regulations and concerns over racial justice, the reports says.

There was a lot of discussion on social media over their demands and concerns in the article, and what happens next is anyone’s guess.

The Players of the Pac-12 will opt-out of fall camp and game participation due to COVID-19 and other serious concerns unless the conference guarantees in writing to protect and benefit both scholarship athletes and walk-ons. #WeAreUnited

— The Players’ Tribune (@PlayersTribune) August 2, 2020

The article listed several concerns, ending with the hastag #WeAreUnited for each one.

From the Players’ Tribune: Because we are being asked to play college sports in a pandemic in a system without enforced health and safety standards, and without transparency about COVID cases on our teams, the risks to ourselves, our families, and our communities, #WeAreUnited.

This is perhaps a watershed moment in college sports. PAC 12 football players are threatening to boycott the season unless their civil rights demands are met, including:

1. COVID protections2. revenue sharing for athletes3. guaranteed scholarships

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) August 2, 2020

Some of the others statements included: “Because NCAA sports exploit college athletes physically, economically and academically, and also disproportionately harm Black college athletes, #WeAreUnited.”

And there was this: In rejecting the NCAA’s claim that #BlackLivesMatter while also systematically exploiting Black athletes nationwide, #WeAreUnited.

This stuff could all be done. Should be done already. The money is there. It’s just going to people who aren’t actually playing the game and assuming the risk.

— Amanda Mull (@amandamull) August 2, 2020

And this: Because we are prohibited from securing representation while being asked to sign documents that may serve as liability waivers, #WeAreUnited.

The Pac-12 Football Unity Demands listed four main issues of concerns, and described what each was asking for each, ” To Protect and Benefit Both Scholarship and Walk-On Athletes,” the article stated, which are as follows:

went to bed reading about the failures of the ncaa’s response to the pandemic;

woke up to the players of the pac-12 sayin they aren’t havin it. warms my heart

— Treavor Scales (@TreavorScales) August 2, 2020

I. Health & Safety ProtectionsII. Protect All SportsIII. End Racial Injustice in College Sports and SocietyIV. Economic Freedom and Equity

The Players’ Tribune Story was signed by Players of the Pac-12.


PAC-10 Commissioner Larry Scott makes $5.3M. If the only reform was to make his salary $450K (still a top 1% salary), every PAC-10 football player could get an annual $5,000 stipend to help their families with rent, health care, food, etc.

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) August 2, 2020

“We’re trying to empower the lives of our teammates, change their lives and change the trajectory of their families’ lives.”

“We don’t know the long term risks…I refuse to put my health at risk for somebody else’s benefit.”

— Rohan Nadkarni (@RohanNadkarni) August 2, 2020

big thing to know about this movement in the pac-12: the center of it all is racial justice, in and out of college sports. issues of compensation are about how they affect racial justice. racial justice is the top line here.

— bomani (@bomani_jones) August 1, 2020