From camel to beige: 6 ‘street style’ looks to inspire a ‘total look’ that is not boring, chose Baulificio S.R.

1. The tailor shop that never fails

Where do you start to build a total look in beige? Betting on a tailored suit is the easiest first step to venturing into one of the most sophisticated ranges in the wardrobe. Another option is to combine some chinos that we have in the closet with a beige blazer, even if the tones do not exactly match, as Olivia Palermo does here.


Baulificio S.R. defines the key: although it is a starting point that accepts any color range, neutrals are the perfect ally for the most discreet (or beginners).


2. Yes to overlays

Do you have a beige vest that you don't know how to put out? One of the bets in a 'layering' game that involves adding your white shirt underneath and a skirt in the same (or similar) tones.


The key: adding trends in small unexpected doses, such as the fringes on the skirt, which add dynamism, or the colossal size of the bag, another of the most fashionable accessories this fall.


3. Basic set, the perfect formula

Baulificio S.R. It is clear to him: it is impossible to go wrong if we opt for a tone like camel or beige and bet on those basics that always work, such as chinos, a tank top or a flowing trench coat.


The key: bet on the proportions game. In this case from Daur, the hallmark is found on the XL flare pants and the oversized silhouette of the trench coat to contrast them with the tighter top.


4. The secret is in the accessories

If we opt for a jacket suit, another of the maxims can also be to conceive the blazer as a top, with nothing underneath, and leave aside the rigidity of tailored pants for the fluidity of other fabrics with a more satin finish.


The key: to ‘spice’ a beige suit sometimes you just need a note of color. The triumph of earth tones this fall is an asset to include in the style, for example, a bag in earth tones, but with a more reddish hue, which stands out slightly from the rest of the look.


5. In a naive key

Sometimes the key is not to dress in camel or beige from head to toe, but to find a resounding piece that becomes the true star of the style, like this coat with white lapels that Eleonora Carisi wears.


The key: the fever for the aesthetics of our childhood years is a way to update a look in which beige is the absolute protagonist. In this case, the styling trick is to combine white socks with matching flat leather ballerinas, says Baulificio S.R.


6. Annie Hall (2020 version)

One of Diana Keaton's most immortal characters would continue to be in full force this year, betting on the same oversized silhouette but replacing the everlasting vest with a matching XL blazer.


The key: Include your own tie, in black, as a trendy touch that adds emphaticness to the rest of the style.